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Vegetable Garden Themed Play-date

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Earlier this year, my Cousin Betsy started a blog with one of her besties about parenting, organization, and entertaining while wrangling children called Mel & Betsy.  They have 3 children each and are seriously out numbered.  I would say they have figured out a thing or two about keeping those kiddos entertained and engaged.  Back in February, Betsy asked me if I would help with their Easter themed blog post.  She wanted to have a Peter Rabbit/Mr. McGregor themed Easter play-date for the kids to feature on the blog.  My contribution was some vegetable cookies and a small cake….and my rambunctious boys of course.

I was really excited to do this order because how often do you get to make something as ordinary as vegetables into something cute and delicious!  I started with the cookies and made carrots, radishes, and lettuce.  The carrot cutter was a Wilton cutter that came in a three pack for Easter. The lettuce cutter was a flower cutter that I modified a little bit for the lettuce.  The radish cutter was a little harder to find, but I found it on here on Etsy.  Below you can see the progression of each.  I was able to mostly finish them in one night with the exception of the lettuce.  I let the base layer dry over night before piling on the heavy lettuce top.

garden cookie tutorial

Vegetable Sugar Cookies

Most of the royal icing was applied using a tip-less bag.   You can buy a bunch of them on Amazon for cheap.  So far, I have liked these ones the best from the Amazon selection. The carrot and radish tops were done with a leaf tip.  You can get the crinkles in the leaves by shaking the tip back and forth as you move.  The lettuce tips were done with a rose tip in a circular zigzag pattern.  When they were all done and dry, I couldn’t believe how adorable they were!

Veggie Cookies

Vegetable Sugar Cookies

Sticking with the garden theme, I thought a cake with some little veggie rows would be cute.  The cake was only a 6″ cake so the design on top couldn’t be too large.  Like buttercream flowers, I used flower nail to make tiny veggies out of buttercream on parchment paper and stuck them in the freezer to harden.  While the veggies were in the freezer, I iced my cake with buttercream.  Using some leftover chocolate ganache that I had from my french macarons, I covered the top of the cake and added a drip to the side to make it a little more fun.  This gave the top a black background so that when I filled the top of the cake with crushed Oreos for dirt, white buttercream did not peak through the Oreos. I used dollops of white buttercream as a “fence” to hold in the Oreo “dirt”.

Garden Cake 1

Garden Drip Cake with Oreo dirt

Once I was done prepping the dirt, my buttercream veggies were nice and frozen.  I carefully peeled them off their parchment and added them to the Oreo dirt.  The cake really turned out better than I had planned.  I love this one.


Garden Party Drip Cake with Oreo Dirt

Once I got to Betsy’s house for the play-date, everything came together so wonderfully.   Of course, she had a perfect little table to put all the goodies on that made the cake and cookies stand out even more.

Go check out their garden theme blog post for more pictures here.  It was a cute party and the kids really had a good time.


If you would like to see pictures before they are posted to the blog, follow me on Instagram!

Cookie Dough Cake

Another catch-up post! I don’t have too many more so, I should be caught up in no time! Over the holidays I didn’t have a ton of cakes to do so, I made a couple for some holiday get-together’s.  This cookie dough cake was for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. Really, there was no need for me to make a cake, but I hadn’t made one for all of November and was getting antsy.  I am pretty sure we had more dessert options than real food.  Look at this spread!  And there is more you cannot even see, the buffet was full.


Thanksgiving Dessert Spread

I found the recipe for this cake on Pinterest which lead me to this blog where the pictures alone will sell you on this cake.  I really need to improve my photography skills!  Really, I followed the recipe for the cake as written.  I am an accountant, so instructions make me happy.  I always follow a recipe as stated first.  Then, if I feel it necessary or a spark of creativity comes my way, I will change it from there.  However, I did use my tried and true buttercream recipe as I love it so much. After I baked the cakes, I removed them from the pans and cleaned them so I could make the cookie dough filling.  I ended up freezing the cakes and putting the cookie dough rounds in the fridge overnight so that I could complete the cake the next day.  Everything was nice and firm for building the cake the morning of Thanksgiving.  I stacked the cake and then let it come up to temperature a bit while I made the buttercream.


Cookie Dough Cake before Buttercream

I frosted the cake as usual leaving my buttercream its off-white color.  On the top, I added dollops of icing that I could set the cookie dough balls.

Since I was going to my parents house, I wanted to put the cake on one of my cake stands. I left the cake on my turntable top for transport and took my cake stand and extra icing with me.  Once I got to my parents, I transferred the cake to my cake stand and added the bottom border.



My husband had high hopes for this cake and I am glad to report that it did not disappoint. I will definitely be making this one again.