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Lemon Wedding Cake

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Easter weekend, our troop was splitting up.  I was headed up to Northern Indiana with the kids for Greek Easter with my family.  The hubs was staying behind to do some serious planting at our farm.  The Monday following Easter, a co-worker was getting married in a small wedding on the north-side of Indy.  She had asked me a month earlier how I felt about doing wedding cakes, and I said I don’t do them.  The confidence is just not there.  I am not that good and could not manage the stress of ruining someones day!!! Two weeks before Easter, she still had not purchased a cake and asked me seriously.  The wedding was for fourteen people and really low-key.  I decided to go ahead and do it knowing I was going to be out of town most of the weekend.  EEK!

The request was for lemon with buttercream.  She just wanted something simple and had bought a Harry Potter topper for the cake.  Easy enough but it still made me nervous!  As soon as I agreed to do the cake, I made my lemon layers to make sure my cake came out nice and sturdy.  Thankfully they did first shot!

Wedding 1

Lemon Cake Layers

After all of the Easter weekend festivities, I got to work on icing the cake Sunday night. She was borrowing one of my cake stands, so that was helpful in making sure everything was set before going up to the venue.  I made both layers but left them separate to transport.  The worst part of making goodies for people is the delivery.  I am sure it would have been fine, but I did not want to leave anything to chance on someone’s wedding day.

wedding 2

Base Cake Layer

The morning of the delivery, I put the supports for the second tier into the cake and boxed everything up.  The cake made it just fine and I was able to quickly stack the cake and add the border to the first tier.

wedding 3

Harry Potter Wedding Cake

It was simple, but elegant and perfect for her fourteen person wedding.  Maybe she will send me a cutting the cake picture to add to the blog.  Now I will stick to kids birthdays for awhile!


If you would like to see pictures before they hit the blog, follow me on Instagram!

Emerald Green Bridal Shower

Hello!  It has been a while.  I have been taking a little break from cakes during the very busy farming season.  Lots of weekends have been spent down on our farm and the remaining time has been spent canning the fruits of our labor.

I received this bridal shower cake order following the recent Shark Cake.  My friend’s family asked me that day if I could do a cake in a month and I agreed.  The only information that I received was that the wedding colors were going to be emerald-green and gold.

The shark cake had a version of rosettes on it to make waves.  Since they liked that cake, my plan was to make an emerald-green cake with rosettes and put little gold pearls in the middle to bring in that pop of gold.  When I was getting ready to actually decorate the cake, I just couldn’t get myself to make a fully green cake.  It seemed so unappetizing.  So I started with some ombre sides to see how that would turned out.

It turned out better than expected as this was my first time doing the smooth ombre effect.  Once I had completed the ombre, I liked the look of the ivory buttercream on top. So I decided to mesh the two areas with a border of rosettes with the pearls in the middle as originally planned.

I liked out that turned out.  It kept the cake very simple and not overly green.  I finished off the cake with a gold pearl border.  I think it balanced the cake out nicely.  I think the bride and step-mother of the bride were pleased!


Until next time!