Cookie Dough Cake

Another catch-up post! I don’t have too many more so, I should be caught up in no time! Over the holidays I didn’t have a ton of cakes to do so, I made a couple for some holiday get-together’s.  This cookie dough cake was for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. Really, there was no need for me to make a cake, but I hadn’t made one for all of November and was getting antsy.  I am pretty sure we had more dessert options than real food.  Look at this spread!  And there is more you cannot even see, the buffet was full.


Thanksgiving Dessert Spread

I found the recipe for this cake on Pinterest which lead me to this blog where the pictures alone will sell you on this cake.  I really need to improve my photography skills!  Really, I followed the recipe for the cake as written.  I am an accountant, so instructions make me happy.  I always follow a recipe as stated first.  Then, if I feel it necessary or a spark of creativity comes my way, I will change it from there.  However, I did use my tried and true buttercream recipe as I love it so much. After I baked the cakes, I removed them from the pans and cleaned them so I could make the cookie dough filling.  I ended up freezing the cakes and putting the cookie dough rounds in the fridge overnight so that I could complete the cake the next day.  Everything was nice and firm for building the cake the morning of Thanksgiving.  I stacked the cake and then let it come up to temperature a bit while I made the buttercream.


Cookie Dough Cake before Buttercream

I frosted the cake as usual leaving my buttercream its off-white color.  On the top, I added dollops of icing that I could set the cookie dough balls.

Since I was going to my parents house, I wanted to put the cake on one of my cake stands. I left the cake on my turntable top for transport and took my cake stand and extra icing with me.  Once I got to my parents, I transferred the cake to my cake stand and added the bottom border.



My husband had high hopes for this cake and I am glad to report that it did not disappoint. I will definitely be making this one again.


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