Teal and Coral Baby Shower Cake

This is another catch-up post.  Two in two days….we are off to a good start.  Back in September, one of my best and definitely oldest friends was throwing a baby shower for her little brother to help welcome her first niece.  It just so happens that the one weekend she requested in September, I was going to be gone on a girls trip with my other two besties.  Let me start by saying that I have very few close friends.  I have lots of friends, but when it comes to friends I would rearrange my life for, we are talking about five people here.   So when I am expected to go on a trip with two and a third asks me if I can make a cake, I say yes.  I am so glad I did.  This is still one of my favorite cakes, simple but pretty.


Teal and Coral Baby Shower Cake

The color scheme came from the decor of the baby’s room and my friend was throwing a shower in the same colors.  The only direction she gave me was that she wanted a cake, some cupcakes and these colors.  So I went the cutesy route and did flowers.

At this point, I had very little experience with flowers, but I have been committed to trying a new technique with each cake.  How else will I learn?!?!  I practiced some on parchment paper until I felt confident I could transfer onto the cake.  The larger flowers I put directly on the cake using a M1 tip once I mapped out the spacing in the icing.   I piped the smaller flowers on small pieces of parchment on a flower nail and put them in the freezer until they were solid.  Once they were stiff, I was able to carefully peal them off of the parchment and place them on the cake.  They thaw very quickly, so I did have a plan on where I wanted them placed.  Once the flowers where on the cake, I filled in with leaves and added a boarder.  Here is a close up of the flowers.


Buttercream flowers

The cake turned out better than expected and better yet, on time.  I dropped the cake off on Thursday morning before I headed to work.  I left at lunch time from work and headed with my girls on our trip.  I got a text on that Saturday that the cake had made it and looked wonderful.


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