Emerald Green Bridal Shower

Hello!  It has been a while.  I have been taking a little break from cakes during the very busy farming season.  Lots of weekends have been spent down on our farm and the remaining time has been spent canning the fruits of our labor.

I received this bridal shower cake order following the recent Shark Cake.  My friend’s family asked me that day if I could do a cake in a month and I agreed.  The only information that I received was that the wedding colors were going to be emerald-green and gold.

The shark cake had a version of rosettes on it to make waves.  Since they liked that cake, my plan was to make an emerald-green cake with rosettes and put little gold pearls in the middle to bring in that pop of gold.  When I was getting ready to actually decorate the cake, I just couldn’t get myself to make a fully green cake.  It seemed so unappetizing.  So I started with some ombre sides to see how that would turned out.

It turned out better than expected as this was my first time doing the smooth ombre effect.  Once I had completed the ombre, I liked the look of the ivory buttercream on top. So I decided to mesh the two areas with a border of rosettes with the pearls in the middle as originally planned.

I liked out that turned out.  It kept the cake very simple and not overly green.  I finished off the cake with a gold pearl border.  I think it balanced the cake out nicely.  I think the bride and step-mother of the bride were pleased!


Until next time!


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