Sharks and Tractors

So last weekend was a double cake weekend.  I wouldn’t usually do that to myself, but two of my best friends were having their kids birthdays on the same day.  Thankfully, one was during the lunch hours and one was during the dinner hours.  So not only was I able to make cakes for both, but we got to spend the whole time at each party without rushing.

So I will start with the shark party.  The shark party was a four-year-old pool party.  The party was inside at the clubhouse of the neighborhood pool with swimming to follow.  This was nice because I didn’t have to worry about the cake melting outside.  My BF Kelly wanted a small shark cake for her son to blow candles out on, and the rest of the cake in cupcake form.  This worked well since there were a bunch of kids ready to eat and be on their way to the swimming pool.  I made the cakes ahead of time like usual and froze them.


Cooling Cakes – (Sim)fully Sweet

I was also able to make ahead the chocolate fins and shark that were going to adorn the shark cake and cupcakes. I printed out a template for the fins so they were all the same size.  I drew out a shark template that I thought would work for the smaller cake.

I didn’t put the  shark fins and shark on the cake until we arrived at the party.  I was too worried about breakage.  Also, the shark was quite heavy in the end and I didn’t want it tearing apart the cake. I ended up icing the cupcakes the night before and the cake the morning of the party.  I used different shades of blue and a large star tip to get a wave/water effect.  Kelly liked it and Liam enjoyed taking a big bite out of the shark!


Next up was the Johnny Tractor party.  My BF Kristen wanted something in the Johnny tractor theme for her little guys 2nd birthday.  She also only wanted cake and no cupcakes. So naturally, I went with a tractor.  I was going to build my own tractor until I found out that the party was going to be outside at a splash pad.  It wasn’t terribly hot and the cake had shade from the pavillion but it was in the 80’s and that still worried me.  I wanted to make sure I had a really stable cake.  I found a tractor cake form on Amazon for really cheap.  I used that to make two cakes that I could level and stack as I needed cake for about 45 people. I used my normal buttercream recipe however I substituted part of the butter for shortening to make the icing more heat resistant.  I don’t like doing it as I like the all butter buttercream better, but no one seemed to mind.  I looked at a picture of a John Deere Tractor on my ipad and got to work decorating.  I used a smaller star tip for most of the cake and a couple round tips for some of the details. The cake ended up turning out really nice and it was solid. Since I had to be at the earlier mentioned shark party, I packed the cake up and took it to Kristen’s house.  She made sure to keep it in the fridge so that it was nice and cold before sitting outside.  It held up really well and I am pretty sure it was all eaten!

Thats all for now.  I had a bunch of cakes right in a row, but now things are slowing.  Until next time.


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