Pow Wow First Birthday

This weekend we attended Harry’s first birthday.  Not only is this kid one of the cutest little babies, but his momma has a pretty cool style.  So when I saw the theme for Harry’s birthday and all the decor, I was not suprised one bit.  This was a pretty simple order.  She wanted a semi-naked rustic smash cake in white and 48 white cupcakes.  Very simple.  It didn’t look like much after I did my part but, her cute little toppers and decor she got from Event Print realy pulled it all together.

I did my usual and baked the white cake a couple days ahead and froze.  I used a new cake recipe I found through Pinterest at Gretchen’s Bakery.  I really like how it baked and will be using it again in the future. I made the cupcakes the day of the party in the morning since the party was not until 2pm. While they cooled, I started building my cake with a fresh batch of buttercream.

I managed the get the naked look without ripping up the sides of the cake. It was essentially like a crumb coat, but I wanted it pretty thin and had to stop myself from over working it so the sides of the cake didn’t start to crumble.  Like I said, the finished product didn’t look like much until you saw it with all the toppers and decor.


Semmi-naked rustic smash cake – (Sim)fully Sweet

This time, thankfully, the cakes made it safe and sound to the party.  Once the final touches were added and everything was on the cake table, it looked great!

It was a great party and I think all the kids had a blast!  Happy Birthday Harry!


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