Brownsburg Bulldogs Graduation

So as I mentioned earlier, I had two graduation cakes coming up back to back.  This one is graduation number one.  I had big plans, plenty of time, and my mom coming over to help and watch some of the techniques I had been learning.  That was until I was separating two of my frozen layers with a bread knife when my hubby called to say he was on his way home.  Phone + knife + distraction = disaster!  I had the cakes nearly separated when I released my pressure a second too late and the long serrated knife shot out from between the layers getting my pointer finger….like bad.  So after my mom took me to the emergency room for 3 hours to get stitched up, we were finally able to get started.  THANKFULLY, no blood came near the cake.  I would have cried.


The aftermath of my knife incident.

Mom and sister to the rescue!  They stayed and helped complete the cupcakes, clean up, and make icing while I worked on the cake.  It is my best cake…NO!  But given the time crunch and being down a digit, it was the best that was going to happen.  The customer was happy (so she says…maybe out of pity) and that is all that matters.  I had planned on taking more pictures, but their was no time for that!  So here is a little rundown.

I had made the graduation hats and the cakes early.  The hats are made of Reese cup minis and Hershey bars stuck together with a little chocolate.

We made the cupcakes day of.  I don’t like freezing the cupcakes because of the condensation on the wrappers.  So once they were cooled and iced, we topped each one with a hat and added a little buttercream tassel.


Graduation cupcake – Simfully Sweet

As for the cake, I had bigger plans.  I was going to put a bulldog on top and paw prints on the side of the top layer.  As you can see the top layer has a cracking spot (which drove me insane). I was trying to put the paw print on and it was not sticking.  I was moving too slow with my 9 remaining digits and the buttercream had a little too much crusting to it.  So I improvised. I put the paw on top and nixed the bulldog.  It was late, I was already unhappy, and it was just going to have to do.  I wish I could have gotten my buttercream to smooth back out on the side, but it wasn’t happening for me.


Graduation Cake – Simfully Sweet

Lessons learned… 1) start design on back of cake in case you mess up! And of course, 2) be carefully with really sharp Cutco knives!


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