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Pow Wow First Birthday

This weekend we attended Harry’s first birthday.  Not only is this kid one of the cutest little babies, but his momma has a pretty cool style.  So when I saw the theme for Harry’s birthday and all the decor, I was not suprised one bit.  This was a pretty simple order.  She wanted a semi-naked rustic smash cake in white and 48 white cupcakes.  Very simple.  It didn’t look like much after I did my part but, her cute little toppers and decor she got from Event Print realy pulled it all together.

I did my usual and baked the white cake a couple days ahead and froze.  I used a new cake recipe I found through Pinterest at Gretchen’s Bakery.  I really like how it baked and will be using it again in the future. I made the cupcakes the day of the party in the morning since the party was not until 2pm. While they cooled, I started building my cake with a fresh batch of buttercream.

I managed the get the naked look without ripping up the sides of the cake. It was essentially like a crumb coat, but I wanted it pretty thin and had to stop myself from over working it so the sides of the cake didn’t start to crumble.  Like I said, the finished product didn’t look like much until you saw it with all the toppers and decor.


Semmi-naked rustic smash cake – (Sim)fully Sweet

This time, thankfully, the cakes made it safe and sound to the party.  Once the final touches were added and everything was on the cake table, it looked great!

It was a great party and I think all the kids had a blast!  Happy Birthday Harry!


Lapel Sports Graduation Cake

Well this cake ended up being a doozy.  This cake order had really high highs and unfortunately really low lows.  All part of the learning process I guess.  What do I mean by all that?  Well, you will have to read to the end to find out!  This was my second graduation cake in a week.  After my finger mishap the week before that you can read about here, my mom agreed to come over and help again…thank goodness!  Being down an index finger makes everything a little difficult.

This cake order was for a girl graduating from Lapel High School.  She was a basketball and golf player.  Mom wanted all of that incorporated so we decided that the cupcakes would represent the sports and the cake would be a graduation cake.  The cupcakes were really fun to make.  However, because of the detail, they took much longer than I had anticipated.  I was thrilled to have Mom’s help.  We had a blast baking and decorating.  The basketball cupcakes were just chocolate cupcakes with a basketball design.  The golf cupcakes were white cupcakes made into a golf hole.  I did not come up with this design as it is in the Hello Cupcake book.  But I had made it before and it came out just as great as ever.

The cake was a two tiered cake and graduation themed.  I did some scrolling work on the bottom and and my mom worked on the L for the top of the cake.  I was going to make a banner, but I found this super cute one in the Lapel colors at Michael’s…and there is no reason to mess with a good thing.

The final detail was to make a chocolate banner with the girls name on it. (Which I later found out was spelled wrong…but easy fix!)


The next morning I stacked everything up and put on the final touches.  It was one of my better cakes thus far and I was really excited about it.

FullSizeRender (7)

Black and Gold Graduation Cake – (Sim)fully Sweet

So now you are wondering where the lows are, what went wrong, what is she complaining about?  Well my excitement quickly faded.  I had plans to meet my co-worker to deliver the cake at a half way point.  She lives near Anderson and I live in Avon….not close.  I met her and her daughter on 86 street, about 40 minutes from my house.  The delivery/hand off went great!  She loved the cake and the cupcakes.  I put it all in her daughters trunk, gave them extra icing in case anything went wrong, and said good luck.  About an hour later I get a text from her asking how she can “fix” this…….



AHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Yes, that is what I was thinking.  I couldn’t believe it.  I don’t know if it was the driving, the heat, the icing, or a combination but, whatever the reason, it all went horribly wrong.  This had never happened to me.  I felt super bad.  Yes, it was passed off fine, but she is still my co-worker and she needed cake.  So I ran up to Anderson to help mitigate the situation.  Well when I got there, the top tier was completely shifted off the supports and partially off its cake board.  So it had started to crush the cake below.  There was no fixing that…at least in my cake knowledge base (which is not that big mind you). So the best I could come up with was separating the tiers, scraping off the icing that I could get off without further damaging the cakes, and try to put a new layer on. At this point, I knew I was not going to be happy with the result, but I had to try to do something for her so she could at least set out some cake.  They did not look pretty and I was totally disappointed, but this is what they ended up looking like after an hour of “mitigating the situation”.


She at least had something to set out and they were hopefully going to be cut early into the party.  I kept thinking to myself “Maybe the cupcakes will be a good distraction.”  She was super sweet about the whole situation and in the end it still tasted good.    So lesson learned, deliver my cakes to their final destination and  stick to kid birthdays and smaller orders for a while!



Brownsburg Bulldogs Graduation

So as I mentioned earlier, I had two graduation cakes coming up back to back.  This one is graduation number one.  I had big plans, plenty of time, and my mom coming over to help and watch some of the techniques I had been learning.  That was until I was separating two of my frozen layers with a bread knife when my hubby called to say he was on his way home.  Phone + knife + distraction = disaster!  I had the cakes nearly separated when I released my pressure a second too late and the long serrated knife shot out from between the layers getting my pointer finger….like bad.  So after my mom took me to the emergency room for 3 hours to get stitched up, we were finally able to get started.  THANKFULLY, no blood came near the cake.  I would have cried.


The aftermath of my knife incident.

Mom and sister to the rescue!  They stayed and helped complete the cupcakes, clean up, and make icing while I worked on the cake.  It is my best cake…NO!  But given the time crunch and being down a digit, it was the best that was going to happen.  The customer was happy (so she says…maybe out of pity) and that is all that matters.  I had planned on taking more pictures, but their was no time for that!  So here is a little rundown.

I had made the graduation hats and the cakes early.  The hats are made of Reese cup minis and Hershey bars stuck together with a little chocolate.

We made the cupcakes day of.  I don’t like freezing the cupcakes because of the condensation on the wrappers.  So once they were cooled and iced, we topped each one with a hat and added a little buttercream tassel.


Graduation cupcake – Simfully Sweet

As for the cake, I had bigger plans.  I was going to put a bulldog on top and paw prints on the side of the top layer.  As you can see the top layer has a cracking spot (which drove me insane). I was trying to put the paw print on and it was not sticking.  I was moving too slow with my 9 remaining digits and the buttercream had a little too much crusting to it.  So I improvised. I put the paw on top and nixed the bulldog.  It was late, I was already unhappy, and it was just going to have to do.  I wish I could have gotten my buttercream to smooth back out on the side, but it wasn’t happening for me.


Graduation Cake – Simfully Sweet

Lessons learned… 1) start design on back of cake in case you mess up! And of course, 2) be carefully with really sharp Cutco knives!