Snow White Cupcake Cake


Snow White Cupcake Dress – Simfully Sweet

This weekend I made a Snow White Dress Cupcake Cake for a three year old birthday party.  Bea is a little girl of some friends that we see at IU football games.  I have two boys, so making a princess cake was a refreshing break from construction and Avengers.

This cake had 48 cupcakes and a whopping 2 batches of buttercream icing.  Those little roses take a lot of buttercream! The buttercream icing recipe I use was in my last post found here.  I ended up adding a little extra powder sugar than my usual 9 cups to make sure I had a stiffer batch to hold the texture of the roses.  It worked great.  It was pretty simple to construct and I was pretty please with the end product. This is the pattern I decided to go with:


Snow White Cupcake Dress before icing – Simfully Sweet

I drew it out on paper first and then marked my circles with the colors.  The main dress was pretty simple, it was figuring out how big the sleeves needed to be relative to the dress.  I stared with the body of the dress first to make sure it looked right so that I could make adjustments if necessary.  Then I did the sleeves of the dress.  Both of those sections took one full batch of buttercream.


Snow White Cupcake Dress – Simfully Sweet


Snow White Cupcake Dress – Simfully Sweet


Next up came the dress.  I whipped up a new batch of buttercream and just added my yellow gel coloring straight to the mixer.  I made sure to take out a healthy scoop of plain white before I did that so that I could do some writing on the banner and have a little extra in case something happened that needed fixing (which I ended up needing).

Snow White Cupcake Dress – Simfully Sweet

The last little touch was adding the Happy Birthday.  There is no pretty way to write on this cake with all those roses.  So I came up with the banner idea.  It ended up adding just the right thing to the cake by bringing some red to the bottom of the cake.  The banner is made of chocolate.  I used the Wilton chocolate melts.  I melted red chocolates and put it into a bag with a number 2 tip.  I had made a template on paper and covered with parchment paper.  I outlined the design and then popped it in the freezer for a minute to set.  Then, I filled in the design and put back in the freezer.  Once set, I was able to write on the chocolate with the spare white buttercream I had set aside.


Snow White Cupcake Dress – Simfully Sweet

That was basically it.  Now about that extra buttercream I ended up needing.  The holes in between the cupcakes that I filled, sank overnight.  So I needed to refill so that the dress looked solid.  So for future reference, I need to just go ahead and fill the holes all the way to the board from the beginning.  Other than that, I had no other real problems and it turned out as expected.  I know that won’t always be the case in the future, but I will take it!


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