Captain America Cake and Cupcakes

So this year, when my oldest turned four, he wanted an Avengers birthday party. Me being his mommy knew that Captain America was his favorite.  I was thankful for this in the end because the easy design fit well into a very busy weekend.  This was the first year for a real friend party.  So he invited some friends from school and of course I invited the mandatory friends that are kids of my friends.  We had a little room at a local jump place that has the indoor blow up obstacle courses and slides in the morning.  It was perfect.  Two hour time slot, 10 kids, pizza, cupcakes and a private room for $200.  A deal in my book, especially when you get to leave the mess behind and be home in time for nap.  That evening, we had the family birthday party at the house.  So I had very little time between parties which meant little time for extravagance.  So I needed a game plan.

Earlier in the week, I made the actual cakes for the birthday cake.  I went with a checkered design made out of white and red velvet cake.  I had been wanting to do another fun cake on the inside since I did my youngest’s construction cake which you can see here.  I have learned that making cakes ahead of time and freezing them is not only okay, but actually great for having a moist cake.  Again, I did not come up with this on my own, there were many resources that I found on Pinterest about freezing cake.  All you need to do is wrap up your almost cooled cakes in two pieced of plastic wrap and then cover with foil.  If wrapped properly, they can keep up to a month. But I digress.  Also earlier in the week, I made the Captain America shields for the cupcakes out of chocolate melts.  I printed a template 12 times onto a piece of paper and then covered with parchment paper.  Working with one color at a time, I piped the chocolate onto the shields using a number two icing tip and a decorator bag.  I would pop them in the fridge between colors to set the chocolate and then move onto the next.  Once all done, I just stored them in an air-tight container on the counter until I was ready to put them on the cupcakes.


Come Friday, the day before the party day, I made all my cupcakes and a batch of butter cream icing.  The kid party was at 10am, so I decided to complete the cupcakes the night before.  It was easy assembly.  White butter cream on top of the white cupcake and then plop a shield on the cupcake.  I chose to make the shields out of chocolate because I wanted all white cupcakes.  Kids+Red Icing +Blue Icing = Extra Laundry.  How do I know this…we had a cookie monster birthday for the first birthday and an Elmo birthday for the second.  Two years in a row and finally learned that unless you want to strip them naked, icing will get on clothes.

So all that left for the evening party was to assemble my cake when we got home from the kid party.  I took my cakes out of the freezer, made a fresh batch of butter cream, and got to work.  After icing the cake in white, I added the shield using a small closed star tip and just dabbing the design on the cake.  It was pretty easy and not super time consuming.  My oldest loved it and I was please at how much better I am getting at smoothing my butter cream icing on my cake.  Maybe one day (in the distant future) when I master that, I will post a tutorial.





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